Scientific Computing: projects

Introduction to scientific computing:

The group's efforts are devoted to applying a wide range of computational techniques to various topics of contemporary scientific interest. To do this requires a strong grounding in the technical and hardware aspects of computer science - ranging from embedded systems to supercomputers - and the various relevant software needs, from operating systems to specific application software. In addition, such activities require an ability to develop specific solutions using a variety of specilaist programming languages and tools (C, Fortran, HPF, MPI, etc.) to the latest initiatives in grid computing.
What makes the group unique is that its members are predominantly trained scientists whose laboratory activity is 'in silico'. This is a particularly important point, as the basic scientific research we do requires us to push the envelope scientifically AND computationally - and provides an appropriate environment in which various applied research programmes can be successfully pursued - as we have shown to be the case in e.g. applying our techniques developed in the analysis of astronomical data to image processing in various medical areas.

Current projects

  • Ventures:
  • Astrophysics:
    • Reduction of high time resolution observations of optical pulsars
      (A. Shearer, A. Golden, R. Butler)

    • High resolution astronomical imaging and photometry
      (R. Butler, A. Shearer, S. O'Tuairisg, S. Charalabides)

    • Radio observations of pulsars and supernova wisps
      (A. Golden, A. Shearer)

    • Modelling of pulsar magnetospheres
      (A. Golden, P. O'Connor, A. Shearer)

  • Medical computing:
    • Enhancement of medical X-ray images
      (T. O'Doherty, A. Shearer, R. Butler)

    • Radiative transfer simulations
      (A-M. Kennedy, A. Shearer)

  • Computing:
    • Irish computational grid
      (A. Keaveney, A. Shearer, A. Golden)

    • High performance computing applications
      (N. Wilson, A. Shearer, A. Golden, G. Gorman)


Funding Sources have included:

Enterprise Ireland Basic Grants
Enterprise Ireland Strategic Grants
National Software Directorate
Compaq Computers



  • The 1st Galway workshop on High Time Resolution Astrophysics:   

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